Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Places to Read

Happy Tuesday,

It is time for Top 5 Tuesday. I have been thinking about this post for days and somehow still managed to be super behind actually writing it. I had been thinking of taking a bit of a twist on the prompt and listing all the spots where I try to sit comfortably and read and how they all fail (chair where my hair clip digs into the back of my head, two different couches that I can just never seem to get comfortable with, and sitting at the table (I mean..)). I also listen to a lot of audiobooks so it is not uncommon to be out for a walk while listening to a book.

But what I decided to feature on this list is those dream reading spots, the ones that are totally going in your perfect home library in your dream home. (And funny side note that I am just now noticing, I absolutely love this sort of decor, it is absolutely my style, but our house looks nothing like this).

1. Window Bench Reading Nook

I have always wanted one of these cozy window seats, I really liked bay windows as a kid and the bench and the books just make is even cozier. Though some of the ones I have seen, I assume for aesthetic reasons, have the book shelves behind where you sit and that doesn’t make it look like it would actually be a comfortable to sit there.

2. Chaise Lounge

I also have liked these lounging couches for ages. And the couch I have in my Library is a bit like a chaise lounge or it’s cousin the recaimer (the one with a scroll arm/back on either side of the bench) or perhaps a day bed (it does have a back), but it isn’t quite long enough for me to put my legs up all the way so I end up with my feet hanging off the edge and that is really not the same thing.


3. The Perfect Chair to Curl Up In

To be fair the chaise may end up being this chair, but I have wanted that perfect chair to curl up in for basically as long as I can remember. I am honestly not sure if such a thing even exists, but I have rather short legs so chairs are simultaneously to deep for me to sit in and to shallow for me to pull my legs up in. I really want to find a chair that is deep and wide enough to curl my legs up in, which is how I prefer to sit if I have the option and with a back that is slightly curved so I can sit at an angle if I want and with a high enough back that my shoulders can relax (I am probably asking for way too much there aren’t I?). But maybe something like this one.

Blue Chair

4. The Hammock

It is coming up on summer reading season here (the MMD summer reading guide comes out on Monday!!! Can you tell I am excited?) and this seems just like the perfect summer reading spot. They also make for some great photos too. We had a hammock when I was a kid but it has been years since I have had one. The only challenge is getting out.

Hammock Tuscany

5. The Porch Swing

I debated what to pick for this last category, the beach seem’s like a perfect choice (at least in theory) but I have actually done that more than once and it isn’t as nice as the ideal, I think that copy of Harry still has sand stuck between the pages and it has been like 10 years. So, I settled on the Porch Swing, I love a classic porch and we don’t have one but my cousin does and it is the perfect spot to read on a summer evening (at least until the bugs descend).

Front Porch Swing

Happy Reading Everyone!

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