Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Drinks for Reading

Happy Tuesday,

It is time for another Top 5 Tuesday, and this week’s topic is all about the refreshments. I really could have just titled this my Top 5 Teas because I am all about the tea. I used to drink mostly Celestial Seasonings teas (we live about 20 minutes from their factory), but in the past few years I have really gotten into the loose leaf teas, and it is most of what I drink now (partially to avoid the packaging waste but mostly because it is so much cheaper to get loose leaf). I also just restocked my teas so it has been on the mind.

H&S Teas

1. Tower of London (Harney & Sons)

This is probably my favorite tea, it is a flavored back tea and a favorite of one of my friend’s families (they have been known to buy this tea by the pound). I tried it at her place years ago and have been hooked ever since.

2. The Classics: English Breakfast & Earl Grey

More black teas, and also teas I get from Harney & Sons. I have liked English Breakfast for years and I am partial to Harney’s and Twinings’, which are both good and I can get loose. Earl Grey on the other hand was quite a journey to find a brand that I liked. I always assumed that I didn’t like Earl Grey in general because whenever I had some I never liked it, but then I tried some that wasn’t the bargain brand over steeped stuff and I loved it. The one that I drink is Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme.

3. White Tea

White tea used to be my absolute favorites, Celestial made three that I remember and they were my favorite teas for years, but then they stopped making them, Perfectly Pear was my favorite and they had a peach too. And ever since they stopped making them I have been searching and failing to find other white tea’s that I really like (it has been like 10 years and I am still searching).

4. Chai

I tend to drink Chai in the summer, since I get the chai’s that you mix with milk and it is easier to not have to warm it up (I enjoy both Tazo and Oregon Chai’s). I have tried to find Chai in tea bags that I like but they tend to be too spicy for me, the only ones that I really like have been the Vanilla Chai, so I mostly stick to the mix. Chai is also what I usually get when I am at a Cafe because it is a drink that I consistently like at different places.

5. Iced Tea

Yeah, you doubted I could make this whole list tea didn’t you? (and I didn’t even go into the exotic tea’s like Rooibos). Since we are headed into summer it seemed to make since to round it out with Iced Tea. I do drink the pre-made iced teas (I am partial to Arizona over Snapple) but I really like to find those teas that are good both hot and iced so I can brew a pot and chill it overnight. I used to get a Passion Fruit and Papaya that was great and chilled well but they stopped making that too. In general fruit teas work pretty well for this, Celestial’s peach tea works pretty well and they have a cold brew version of it too (or did last time I checked).

Now you should probably go drink some water after all that tea.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Drinks for Reading

  1. Ooh, we have some excellent chai’s over here. In particular I like one called Sticky Honey Chai, which isn’t too spicy. It’s not in teabags, but you can buy it loose leaf (or clumped leaf as it is VERY sticky). I was given a chai infuser with it, which I actually use with all my loose leaf teas if I only want a cup now. Love that this was a top 5 teas list 🫖
    Hope you had fun with this week’s topic 💕

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