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Reading Buffs

Recommendations for Books and Beyond

Reading Buffs

Recommendations for Books and Beyond

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Looking for your next great read? Want to delve into a new subject with a podcast? Looking for something different on Netflix? You have come to the right place.

Welcome to The Reading Buffs Book Blog

I am a librarian, I love reading, and I absolutely love being able to recommend my favorite finds. Here you will find my curated selection of Books, Podcasts and Netflix shows and movies. I hope you will find something you like and might not have known about.
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Where you can find the collection of all of my new reviews from this winter.
And who doesn’t love new finds?

You can check out what I am reading now and more bookish goodness, on
My Newest Posts. And for more of my favorite titles from you can check out my collected reviews from Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2020-2021 and Spring 2021.

The Book Nook

I have read and enjoyed every book you will find recommended here. While some books are very popular and others I just happened to stumble across them and seem to be almost unheard of.

I read a lot of books and listen to a lot of audiobooks, so this is by no means everything I read. These books are some of my favorite reads and many are books that I reread.

You will find a large collection of Fantasy Books. Fantasy is easily my favorite genre and  about half of the books I read are fantasy. Most of these books are also considered YA and are shelved in our teen fiction section at the Library.

I read almost nothing but Fantasy and Sci-Fi books until I discovered Modern Mrs. Darcy. If your reading tastes lean toward contemporary and literary fiction you should check out her recommendations. I still do not read as many books in other genres but I have discovered some new favorites in a broader range of genres. So you also will find reviews of my favorite Fiction, Literature, Mystery, Non-Fiction and Picture Book finds.

The Podcast Stacks

I really got into podcasts a few years ago, and I now listen to dozens of podcasts regularly. The growth in podcasts recently has been pretty spectacular, but that can be daunting too. The quality varies widely so it is hard to know what is good and what is worth your time.

The History of RomeA large number of the podcasts I listen to are History Podcasts. I have found that history lends itself very nicely to the format when it is done well. I have been truly amazed by the quality and level of scholarship that some of these podcasts achieve while also being really entertaining.

I also listen to several podcasts about books that I really enjoy. These podcasts have prompted me to revisit some old favorites and make new discoveries.

The Netflix Backlist

Netflix has a huge variety of shows but sometimes it feels like you just see the same things over and over again. Netflix has a lot of big name show and movies but also offers an amazing opportunity to watch the older things that you may have missed and the shows that aren’t on TV in the US, and they can change how you look at your Netflix.

So here I recommend some great shows that you might not have heard of and that can bring some variety to your Netflix.

I watch a lot of TV Shows and I have recently become a bit obsessed with K-dramas, which has completely changed what I see on my Netflix and I continue to discover new favorite shows. I don’t watch as many movies but there are a few great Movies that you should check out.

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